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Participation in Multispecialty Projects in Industries, totaling an Investment of US $ 1,800 Million between 1990 and 2013

- Revamping Cracking

- Sulfur plant

- Naphtha Plant and Catalytic Reformation

- Isomerization Plant

- Recovery Plus Plant

- LGP Plant

- Sour Water Plant

- HDS Plant

- HDG Plant

- HDT plant

- Coker Plant 


Projects developed in the Food Industry, specifically  for the Orafti company:

- Multispecialty Engineering Services for a 30% increase in Refining capacity

- Specialized Structural Civil Engineering services for the evaluation and repair of damages on infrastructure and processes in the Plant after the 2010 earthquake.

-Basic Engineering Services for the clean room project, for the Inulin juice filling process  

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