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Multi-specialty projects

Participation in Multispecialty Projects  in Industries, totaling an Investment of US $ 1,800 Million between 1990 to 2013

  • Revamping Cracking

  • Sulfur plant

  • Naphtha Plant and Catalytic Reform

  • Isomerization Plant

  • Recovery Plus Plant

  • LGP Plant

  • Sour Water Plant

  • HDS Plant

  • HDG Plant

  • HDT plant

  • Coker Plant 


Recent projects  4 years in the Plants of  Quintero and Maipú such as:

  1. Increase in Grease Plant capacity, carrying out the design, Manufacture and Assembly

  2. Design, Manufacture and Assembly of oil tanks with a capacity of 1000 m3 each

  3. Water Plant Expansion / Modification Project

  4. South Wall Project Elevations Plant  

  5. New Contactor Site, Kettely Homogenizer  in Fat Plant


Projects developed in the Food Industry, specifically  for the Orafti company:

  1. Multispecialty Engineering Services for a 30% increase in Refining capacity

  2. Specialized services of Structural Civil Engineering for the evaluation and repair of damages on infrastructure and processes in the Plant after the 2010 earthquake.

  3. Basic Engineering Services for the clean room project, for the Inulin juice filling process  

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