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Technical Inspection of Works (ITO)

LNG Quintero

  1. ITO services specialized in Soil Mechanics

  2. ITO Multispecialty Services

  3. Modification: Engineering, Inspection and Technical Advice of Works

ENAP Bío Bío

  1. Multispecialty ITO services for the construction of the Regasification satellite plant, in the commune of Pemuco

  2. ITO Multispecialty Services,  for improvements to the Satellite Regasification Plant in the Pemuco community


  1. Technical Inspection of Structural Civil Works of projects on structural damage.

  2. Multi-specialty construction and project assembly 30% increase in refining capacity

ENAP Aconcagua  

  1. Construction of Electrical Rooms in Quintero and others in ERA

  2. Programming and control services for plant maintenance shutdowns

  3. Inspection and Audit Service for the construction and assembly of projects - ENAP Refinería  

        STAGE 1            Review of the Project to avoid errors or information gaps during the works

        STAGE 2            Traditional technical inspection, carrying out work according to the approved project

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