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ISO 9001: 2008 N ° 51044


Our company has been evaluated by ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. and was confirmed in compliance with the requirements established by ISO 9001: 2008. The quality management system is applicable to:


Design and Development of Process Engineering Projects, Mechanical - Pipping, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation and Purchase Management in force until its expiration date  May 18, 2018 

Supplier registration certification

Through time our company has constantly participated in the options of our clients and an active participation of the Market:






It assumes the commitment to deliver Products and Services, based on its principle of granting:

"Reliable Solutions Based on Experience".

Always complying with the highest requirements of current regulations and the particular demands of its clients, both in quality and in response time.
Establishes and maintains a Quality Management System aimed at the continuous improvement of its products and services, with the purpose
  to maximize quality and efficiency, in such a way, to be a Leading company  in Engineering Services Solutions for Industrial Complexes and Works in General.

It adopts the permanent work of strengthening the competencies and integral development of its personnel, reinforcing its commitment to quality, thus ensuring the essential elements of competitiveness and sustainability of the company.


Safety at work is a shared responsibility, where each of our collaborators must ensure their self-care, working in safe conditions and under controlled risks.

LTM is committed to a safe performance, developed in healthy environments of all our employees and collaborators, to guarantee efficiency during the fulfillment of our integrated services to our clients.

It is essential that all work carried out afterwards
  have identified the hazards, assessed the risks  and clearly indicating the control measures. The performance of a job should only be done with adoption  previous measurements  of security.

LTM defends the concept of efficient work, it is one that is carried out in terms
  without  accidents, do not cause injury to people, property, or damage to processes and prevents occupational diseases.

Social responsability

We have a vision
  of business that harmoniously integrates  the economic, social and environmental impact of the company  in its way of operating, promoting the development of people, the communities in which it operates and its environment, and considering its performance.

In General principles, we are committed to providing  a healthy, safe and protected work environment for all our workers. To achieve this, we have implemented a policy  prevention, Safety and Occupational Health at the level of the entire company supported by a Risk Prevention system,  pro active strategy  and preventive that addresses health, safety and security  of our staff and collaborators.

LTM INGENIERÍA, CONSTRUCCIÓN Y COMERCIOS.A., Recognizes the principles of Sustainable Development and the challenge
  to satisfy human needs with regard to natural resources, industrial products, energy, food, transportation, protection and effective waste management; conserving and protecting at the same time the environmental quality and the base of the essential natural resources for the future.

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