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Construction, Assembly and Industrial Maintenance

  • Technical Bases - Technical Answers - Selection

  • Queries / Responses

  • Referential budget works

  • Technical Selection - Commercial Proponents

  • Technical - Physical - Financial Advancement  Plays

  • Technical Solutions for Construction - Assembly

  • Technical Programming of Projects and Works

  • Technical Maintenance Programming (Preparation, Stop, Post-stop)

  • Maintenance Support Services  (Preparation, Stop, Post-stop)

  • Third Party Works

  • Guaranteed Own Works

Engineering Support Tenders

Apoyo Ingenieria Licitaciones

Customer support service to develop bidding processes for services and / or products that serve

to the requirement or specific need of new projects, extensions and modifications.

Within this service the carrying out of the process is considered:

  • Preparation of Bidding Bases

  • Internal budget estimate

  • Selection and recommendation of Bidding Companies

  • Call for Tender (Public, Private or Direct)

  • Attention to inquiries about the Bidding process

  • Technical - Economic Evaluation of Proponents and Award recommendations

Construction / Assembly / Maintenance Management

Gestion Construccion

Technical - Physical - Financial Advancement in Works

Control and monitoring service through the following stages:

  • Planning of primary and secondary activities (Gantt chart and others)

  • Assignment of terms, dependencies and restrictions.

  • Allocation of Human Resources, Teams, HH and Financial.

  • Field measurement of real Physical and Financial progress.

  • Comparison of Physical - Financial Advancement (Real vs. Scheduled)

  • Technical / Administrative Solutions to mitigate inconsistencies, missing resources and Arrears.

Technical Solutions for Construction - Assembly

Engineering support services before and during Construction and Assembly to ensure solutions

techniques that do not paralyze  the tasks, nor are undesirable increases in Works created.

Technical Programming of Projects and works

Programming Service,  Control of Projects and Works, for  monitor physical - financial progress  

of Construction and Assembly.

Technical Maintenance Programming 

Planning, Scheduling and Control of Plant Maintenance and / or Shutdown activities

to ensure the minimum of production downtime.

  • Pre stop activity

  • Stop Activity

  • Post Stop Activities

Maintenance support services 

Support service for maintenance projects or plant shutdowns such as:

  • Visual inspection and NDT to Industrial Installations.

  • Structural Integrity Services for Mechanical Equipment and Piping.

  • Monitoring Services for Mechanical Equipment and Piping.

  • Condition Diagnostic Service and its solutions for Operational Continuity of Mechanical Equipment

     and Piping.


ITO - Technical Inspection of Works  Multispecialty 

Third Party Works

  • An advance review of the project to be executed is carried out

        to eliminate uncertainties and errors from the project.

  • Land Delivery and Final revised Project.

  • Quality of Works and Physical-Financial Control

  • Final reception of the Works

Guaranteed Own Works

They are works carried out by our company with detailed engineering included and construction guaranteed by internal ITO (at LTM cost).

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