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Multispecialty Engineering

Our  more than 40 years of experience in multi - disciplinary Engineering services, and  after a Specialized Diagnosis  Engineering (Optional), will deliver to you and your company, benefits such as:

A.- Increase  the profitability of your company  through  propositions  to make your production facilities more  efficient with notable improvements in production costs.

B.- Improve its Production Facilities , in its various stages, from the reception and conservation of raw material, transformation and production processes, to  storage  Y  Office of  finished products. This Service has the main objective of improving significantly  the efficiency  of  the customer's production facilities.

C.- Reduce the  Costs of  Maintenance through PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE avoiding unforeseen stops of your production process. This service  is done in your industry  by implementing  Engineering Information  neatly accessible, historic  and consistent programs  Maintenance for  everybody  their teams  and facilities.


Our Services also have the PLUS of the  REPRESENTATION  VISUAL PREDICTIVE  of your Facilities (in 3 DIMENSIONS), also including the current corrosion situation  (thicknesses and other  variables), for furnaces, boilers, process towers, evaporators, storage tanks and exchangers, etc. As well as  the failures  and anomalies  Referrer  to equipment integrity  static and piping.   


D.- Increase  the confiability  of the  facilities  productive activities of your company , to  that they are ALWAYS AVAILABLE, avoiding economic losses due to unplanned and / or unscheduled stops.

Engineering for New and Expansion Projects, Expansions, Modification of its facilities

Multispecialty Project I ngineering  (Processes, Mechanics - Piping, Civil, Structural, Electricity and Instrumentation and Architecture):

  • Conceptual

  • Basic

  • Details

  • Purchasing Management

Project Engineering to improve uncertainty  of EPC contracts     (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

Specialized engineering inspection of suppliers or manufacturers of materials and equipment.

Engineering specialized in Design, Review and Seismic Certification  of Facilities and equipment 

Ancla 1
Ancla 2
Ancla 3
Ancla 4
Ancla 5

Engineering for Construction and Assembly of Industries

Ancla 6

Engineering for Construction and Assembly Bids . Management and support for Construction and Assembly bidding processes 

Engineering for Programming and Physical Control  - Construction and Assembly Finance

Engineering for Technical Solutions for Construction and Assembly. 

Engineering for technical inspection (ITO) of Construction and Assembly. This service will significantly reduce the over-costs of construction and assembly projects due to incomplete and erroneous projects. 

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