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Trade and Services for Industries

  • Metal Industrial Buildings

  • Floating Units - Operational Surfaces and Transportation

  • Explosive Zone Equipment

  • Engineering Explosive / Hazardous Areas

  • Digital Tracking People and Assets


Metal Industrial Buildings


Metal buildings  multipurpose, patented and guaranteed, used in the industry in general protecting the products stored in the industry  of environmental and meteorological conditions 

Main Advantages:

  • Low Cost and Speed of Construction

  • High quality

  • Highly efficient in conditions  climatic

  • 100% Asismic structure

  • Patented product designed according to customer needs

  • Requirements to National and International standards

  • Coating and covers optional in quality, lighting and color

Type "A" - Lattice

We deliver seismic certifications  of equipment and facilities imported to Chile

Type "B" - Solid Soul

Type "C" - Others

We deliver seismic certifications  of equipment and facilities imported to Chile

Floating Units

LTM SA, has at the disposal of its clients projects, supplies and operations under the form of sale or lease for different uses such as:

1 ) Work platforms in sea, rivers, lakes and dams

2) Platforms for shows  pyrotechnic  in the sea, rivers, lakes and dams

3) Platforms for transportation and maintenance of supplies for Salmon industries, Naval, offshore platforms, maritime terminals, fuel loading and unloading, etc.

4) Work platforms for operations to control and combat environmental damage in the sea, rivers, lakes and reservoirs

Equipment and materials for Hazardous Industries

In awareness of the importance of safe work within petrochemical facilities, we are pleased to inform you  that our company  has been designated since the beginning of  2016  by the English company EXTRONICS, to be  representatives  in Chile, of a wide  Range of Products for industrial facilities with high operational risk areas (Classified Zones).    

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